FAQ: Important Questions Answered

1. Question: Who can become a member?
Answer: Anyone, providing they obey the basic Internet etiquette, refrain from proselytizing, do not post offensive material and are free of intentions to harm this website and/or its members.
You may not post content or take any action on Capital Self that infringes or violates someone else's rights or otherwise violates the law.

2. Question: Do I have to follow any religion to feel at home, here?
Answer: No. Followers of all religions are welcomed, as well as those who chose not to practice. Note: this community should not be regarded as a venue to either practice or promote your religious beliefs.

3. Question: I don’t believe in God, am I still welcome here?
Answer: This community is centred around spiritual works that bring us closer to the Self, call it God, Absolute, Supreme, etc. Atheists and agnostics may find it difficult to find a common language with our members, and any attempts to promote ideologies/beliefs that go against the exclamation: "Gloria in Excelsis Deo!" are not welcome. At the same time if even one non-believer, by becoming a member of this community will find through the osmosis his/her way to God, we will feel blessed indeed.

4. Question: What can I do, if I feel offended by other members' attitudes/responses/comments/content?
Answer: Please use the "Inappropriate Content" link on the relevant page, and follow instructions. We will remove any content or information you post on this site, if we believe that it violates the law or other peoples' rights.

5. Question: How to use this site to its full potential?
Answer: It is all about the interaction between members. Make friends, post your comments, ask questions, request advice, discuss and argue. Give and you'll receive back much more... If you don't like to participate and engage other members, there's probably very little sense in you joining us.