The Reason Why You Should Consider Belonging to this Spiritual Network and More Importantly, Will You Find the Experience Rewarding

Capital Self aims to become the meeting point for active spiritual seekers, on their way to Realization. Call it Enlightenment, One Mind, Realization, or any other known term; the goal is to realize that the Self is you and everybody else; you and All that is. Read our spiritual blog and discover the meaning of our message.

If you’re a follower of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Dr David R Hawkins or any other realized teacher, you’ll feel like home here.
If not, you’re welcome to join and find out if we can in any way add to your spiritual progress.
Dressed in a personhood, we have to accept the reigns of time with its restrictions and limits. Hence the importance of choosing the right way, following the right Guru, mustering all earnestness and taking action! Said Dr Hawkins: “Straight and narrow is the path, waste no time!”

Those who intend to “hang around” here, shouldn’t join, as this will only give them false sense of “doing something good” without realizing that nothing is happening for them. Ignorance and illusion go hand in hand... Said Nisargadatta Maharaj: “Spiritual work is will asserted and reasserted.”
Yes, nothing will happen without you reasserting your will and directing it to the only life goal that matters: realizing that you already are the Self!

Members of various levels of spiritual awareness belong here. Don’t be surprised when you read that the best way to advance spiritually is to do nothing; or, from another member, that long meditation is a must for anyone aspiring to advance fast. It all depends on one’s level of spiritual attainment. Everybody is different, yet everybody is One. We are here to lit your path when all you see is darkness. You are here to provide the spark, to me and others, when the fire is dying out.
And regardless of the name your god has, we are all rays of the Absolute.


Stan Hess, Capital Self founder and administrator