May 30 2012

U.G. Krishnamurti Has Finished Me – Here’s Your Chance!

Now I know, why the so-called spiritual establishment, gurus, sages and teachers warn their disciples (or, should it be clients?) about Uppaluri Gopala Krishnamurti, in short U.G. Krishnamurti.
I am one of his “victims.”

Having been initiated on the “spiritual journey” by Dr David R. Hawkins, my interest quickly shifted from his nice and civilised, western-oriented spiritual message, to that of Nisargadatta Maharaj, famous Indian teacher of Non-duality.
It was Nisargadatta’s school of no-nonsense spirituality, or rather anti-spirituality, that prepared the ground for U.G. Krishnamurti’s message.

And what is his message? Here it is:
“The spiritual people are the most dishonest people. I am emphasizing that foundation upon which the whole of spirituality is built. I am emphasizing that. If there is no spirit, then the whole talk of spirituality is bosh and nonsense.
You can’t come into your own being until you are free from the whole thing surrounding the concept of “self”.
To be really on your own, the whole basis of spiritual life, which is erroneous, has to be destroyed. It does not mean that you become fanatical or violent, burning down temples, tearing down the idols, destroying the holy books, like a bunch of drunks.
It is not that at all. It is a bonfire inside of you.
Everything that mankind has thought and experienced must go.”

Are you still here? You want more details? See how U.G. sees the reality:
“We are all on the wrong train, on the wrong track, going in the wrong direction.
When the time comes to face up to the catastrophe of man’s present crisis, you will find U.G. at the head of the line, ready and able to demolish the carefully built assumptions so dear and consoling to us all. A U.G. sampler: making love is war; cause-and-effect is the shibboleth of confused minds; yoga and health foods destroy the body; the body and not the soul is immortal; there is no communism in Russia, no freedom in America, and no spirituality in India; service to mankind is utter selfishness; Jesus was another misguided Jew; and the Buddha was a crackpot; mutual terror, not love, will save mankind; attending church and going to the bar for a drink are identical; there is nothing inside you but fear; communication is impossible between human beings; God, Love, Happiness, the unconscious, death, reincarnation and the soul are non-existent figments of our rich imagination; Freud is the fraud of the 20th century, while J. Krishnamurti is its greatest phoney.”

If you were lazy enough to skip reading, watch this short video:

Introduction to U.G. Krishnamurti – video.

For me, finding U.G. was like finally finding the catalyst, the hardener for all my then “jelly” and unstable knowingness of “What am I.”
Now, like U.G. I am finished, and there is no search, and therefore no destiny.
I know what U.G. meant saying:
“You are blind. You see nothing. When you actually do see and perceive for the first time that there is no self to realize, no psyche to purify, no soul to liberate, it will come as a tremendous shock to that instrument.
You have invested everything in that–the soul, mind, psyche, whatever you wish to call it–and suddenly it is exploded as a myth. It is difficult for you to look at reality, at your actual situation.
One look does the trick; you are finished.”

Once you realize that the “you” is merely a continuing flow of thoughts, and that as so far, so in the future, none of them will be able to answer your question “who am I?” your search ends once and for all.
From now on, all you’ll be doing is watching the play your thoughts are producing, and keeping away from interfering with the body that you foolishly call “my” body.
Understand that there’s no hope that you’ll ever realize who you are, and that “enlightenment” is a shonky product offered in the market place by the so-called spiritual gurus.
Who you are you will never know, for this knowledge comes from the level above one that you’re currently “occupying.”

Watching this video will put an end to all your searches. If it doesn’t I don’t care; it is your problem.

“I have no message for mankind,” says U.G. “But of one thing I am certain, I cannot help you solve your basic dilemma or save you from self-deception and IF I CAN’T HELP YOU, NO ONE CAN.”

Here you have it, straight from the “horse’s” mouth!
But, you don’t have to believe anybody; in fact, you must not believe anybody. Question all and everything. Your earthly passage is purely coincidental. Don’t try to make it into a mission, don’t try to improve anything.
As Nisargadatta Maharaj said: “Things happen as they happen…” and you are only fooling yourself thinking that you can affect the reality. No chance.
The less serious you are about running “your” life, the less ideations you create and serve the more content your life will be. When you are about to sing your swan song, as U.G. did just a few weeks before passing away, you will know how honest with yourself you have been.
Don’t wait till then to realize that embracing spirituality makes you a phony.

There is nothing more to be said. End of posts.