Sep 27 2009

David Bohm, Spirituality and Your Self!

In his book “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” Sogyal Rinpoche often quotes the physicist and philosopher David Joseph Bohm. Similarly, Dr. David R. Hawkins in his works mentions Bohm’s name as one of the avant-garde of scientists willing and able to cross the bridge between the linear and nonlinear domains.

Bohm has imagined a new, still controversial, approach to reality. His scientific approach to reality is based on understanding the totality of oneness of existence as a seamless and unbroken whole. According to his theory, there’s the multidimensional, dynamic order at work at the universe.
It has three mutually enfolding aspects: energy, matter and meaning.
The aspect of matter is clearly evident in our three-dimensional world of space, object and time. He calls it the explicate or unfolded order.

Of critical importance is Bohm’s belief as to what this order is unfolding from. To quote him: “A universal, unbroken field. ‘a ground beyond time,’ the implicate or enfolded order, which is the all-encompassing background to our entire experience.”
The relationship between these two orders is seen by him as a continuous process where what is unfolded in the explicate order is then re-enfolded into the implicate order. As the “entity” that organizes this process into many structures, he proposes the super-implicate order; a yet more subtle and potentially infinite dimension.

Describing the mind, Bohm says: “It may have a structure similar to the universe and in the underlaying movement we call empty space, there is actually a tremendous energy, a movement. The particular forms which appear in the mind may be analogous to the particles, and getting to the ground of the mind might be felt as light.”

Wouldn’t all spiritual practitioners nod in agrement, when Bohm says:
“A change of meaning is necessary to change this world politically, economically and socially. But that change must begin with the individual; it must change for him… If meaning is a key part of reality, then, once society, the individual and relationships are seen to mean something different a fundamental change has taken place.”
Let’s hope, these wise words will move you closer to finding your Self…