Apr 07 2012

Easter and Nonduality have Common Origins in Consciousness!

Indeed, my writing and your reading are possible only because we are both consciousness. Further, our looking into the past – whether to celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection, or contemplating the teachings of masters of Nonduality, is happening entirely in the realms of time and space. Both are concepts specific to consciousness.
Our so-called spiritual progress is only possible in consciousness. This is the fabric we are made from, and this is all we have…
Hence, no matter how much we pretend to be different, we are all one.
Total unicity, underwritten by the godly power of consciousness.

And how does Easter relate to Nonduality?
Listen to the words of one of Advaita Vedanta’s realized masters, Sri Ramana Maharshi. When asked what the significance of the Crucifixion is, he answered: “The body is the cross. Jesus, the son of man is the ego or I-am-the-body idea. When the son of man is crucified on the cross, the ego perishes, and what survives is the Absolute Being. It is the resurrection of the Glorious Self, of the Christ – the Son of God.”

Easter and Nonduality Both Can Seek Hope from the Cross!

From the Christian perspective, Jesus, through His death on the cross and coming back to life, has given us the hope, and indeed the proof of eternal life. He has conquered the mighty reigns that death holds over us.
No, you and I don’t have to suffer the tortures and crucifixion like Jesus did. It suffices to realize that our bodies, with their lifecycles of birth and death, are only a shadow of our true self. It is only in the light of the Absolute that you and I are conscious and able to navigate the vast ocean of consciousness. Apperceiving that there is a source that the light of awareness is coming from is the ultimate realization – Enlightenment or Liberation. What Christians would call salvation, students of Nonduality will call Enlightenment; a difference of concepts only.

God, consciousness, the Self, whatever name you prefer, is our only capital. Use it with an open heart and mind and you’ll free yourself from the debilitating body “entity-fication” with its sufferings and fears. For you to know that your body is only a shadow of the Self, your own “personal” resurrection is needed. You don’t need the cross to obliterate your ego.
All you need is earnestness and spiritual maturity… and God’s grace.
Then, no matter what your “way of the Cross” will be, you’ll end up where Jesus Christ did – in Oneness with God!