Nov 29 2011

Enlightenment Is Achievable Now – Practical Tips for Those Who Still Use the Term “Enlightenment”

You’ve heard and read it everywhere – Enlightenment is the way to go! Spiritually inclined people and pure opportunists are chasing “it” and want to reach the Nirvana that follows, right now. Best still, were Enlightenment for sale, they would buy it. Regrettably, it remains one of the very few things that cannot be bought… love comes second.
However, the term itself is incorrect. If you follow the “path” to Enlightenment you’ll eventually find out why.
Speaking about the path… time to give you some practical tips that hopefully will help you to stay on track and reach the goal.

These “Enlightenment tips” were written from the Nonduality perspective, as represented by the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Dr David R. Hawkins and the Zen Buddhism teachings of Huang Po. They are the enlightened sages that map my path… now. For you, it might be one or more of the glorious names regarded as the teachers of True Spirituality. In any event, finding a master or guru of integrity, with a substantial body of integrous teaching material (scripts, audios, books, etc.) is not easy.
Trust your inner guru on that, and stay away from those skilled in marketing, and you’ll do fine.
TIP: it is safer to follow the teachings of someone who is no longer alive. Yes, a dead guru, in most cases, presents a smaller risk of being false.
Although you most probably will “move” from one guru to another, do not see it as an advancement, but rather a natural adjustment – the guru and his style suits your intellectual make-up and hence, the absorption is at the maximum level.
Here are the tips, no in particular order, although the first two are of fundamental importance:

  1. Pursuit of Enlightenment is the life’s highest purpose; never ever forget it! Feel blessed for coming across the word and its meaning.
  2. There are many meanings given to Enlightenment. Here is one: to attain a deep conviction that you are neither the body nor the mind.
  3. Spirituality that you see around is merely an entertainment. Keep away from Facebook, Twitter, occult and commercial spirituality sites.
  4. Barring for the will of God, Enlightenment is achievable only for those who seek it “fulltime”. This is not a hobby; this is a way of life. Being honest with yourself (you must not switch your interest in Enlightenment ON and OFF) and acting with the greatest earnestness possible, will deliver it to you in no time. Lukewarm commitment and inner dishonesty are the greatest obstacles.
  5. By their nature, spiritual paths fall into two categories: Devotional Path (Bhakti) and Self Enquiry (Atma Yoga). The former is centred on prayers, songs and rituals; the latter, on intellectual works – mainly meditation, aimed at gaining the understanding and a firm conviction that the whole domain of consciousness is unreal.
    spiritual paths

    Spiritual paths... Which one is yours?

    Of course, there are spiritual paths that take elements of both of the main ones, and use them to suit a particular individual. If you’re coming from a religion, count your blessings – you have some basic grounding in spirituality. However, religions are for the masses (not meant to be demeaning; in other words, for those who take the world as real and want to run their lives accordingly. They might be born and dead many times, before the Enlightenment comes into their reality. Those people are not less worthy than you are. Your spiritual maturity will help you find out why.

  6. When reading, listening, watching spiritual teachings be prepared to find many apparent contradictions. The same guru will say that the consciousness is “…the substrate of all and everything” and then later, he will say that that “…consciousness and whatever appears in consciousness is nothing but a gigantic fraud.” As your level of spiritual comprehension grows, you’ll come to realize that we humans communicate in concepts only.
    With your progress, you’ll see that different (usually higher) concepts are used to explain the higher reality.
    That’s why it is paramount that you read and review your favorite spiritual teaching many times – come back to the same book after your comprehension advanced; you’ll notice the difference!
  7. Want to know what a mark of spiritual progress is? Total absence of fear. In the world run by desires and fears, what a great prize it is!
  8. Never be frustrated by the apparent lack of progress. Your ship is cast adrift, just before resuming its sailing to the promised land.
  9. Do not seek understanding and recognition from your peers and family. You’re all living it different worlds; it will become more obvious as you progress.

Here you have it!
Your road to Enlightenment might be as short as a heart beat, or lasting many lifetimes. In the end, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because the “being” that you consider yourself to be can never enter Nirvana, which according to the common perception, comes with Enlightenment. Diamond Sutra said it this way: “No being has ever entered Nirvana.”
In the end, your pursuit of Enlightenment will end successfully when you gain an unfailing conviction in these words of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:  “There is no such thing as enlightenment, because there is no entity to be enlightened.”
Ultimately, his words are the Realization that you are seeking.