Jun 23 2011

Spiritual Teachers Are Few and Spiritual Teachers of Integrity Are Hard to Find!

Wherever you go online, you’ll see countless individuals claiming to be spiritual teachers and offering their “spiritual expertise” to whoever wants to hear, and hopefully give a monetary reward. There are many spiritual networks where people hang-out hoping for a miracle to happen… All these are hardly surprising, considering that the domain of so called “spirituality” stretches from clairvoyants, tarot readers and miracle makers right to a very few revered spiritual teachers, with the vast domains of different religions and cults thrown in-between.
The latter group – revered spiritual teachers, contains precisely few names; even fewer are still alive. My favorite spiritual masters, in no particular order, are:

  • Dr David R Hawkins,
  • Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj,
  • Sri Ramana Maharshi and
  • Zen Master Huang Po.

Only Dr Hawkins is still alive and continuing teaching.

And while on this subject, I found it easier to believe (with the exception of Dr Hawkins) those who are no longer alive and thus being manipulated by their PR gurus and teams of highly skilled professional marketers; with one objective in mind: to extract as much profit from the hapless crowd of the followers and students.

Sure, you are expected to pay a few dollars for books or videos; you may also spend a hundred or two to attend a seminar. But, when you’re presented with a defined path to spiritual progress that you are supposed to follow, and expected to pay for gaining new degrees of attainment, you must run away before it is too late.
Put simply, you’ll be exploited and milked off your hard earned money by those preying on your human weaknesses. The ultimate goal that you want to reach, call it Liberation, Realization or Enlightenment requires nothing else but your total commitment; and money has no place here. You simply cannot buy THAT!

So how do you find your spiritual teachers that you’ll be comfortable with?
Here are some basic, yet critically important criteria:

  • There’s no money required,
  • There’s no need to swear an oath of allegiance,
  • You’re told right from the outset that the only guru you’ll be serving is Consciousness,
  • The spiritual teaching are freely available to anyone.

If you follow those criteria, you’ll be able to avoid becoming one of many victims of spiritual fraudsters. And remember, this life is all you have – don’t blow it away on following false gurus and their self-serving messages.

Finally, here’s a list of the books that are, for me and many other spiritual seekers, the font of true spiritual knowledge:

  • “I Am That” – teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj”
  • “The spiritual teaching of Ramana Maharshi”
  • ”Power vs. Force” by Dr David R Hawkins
  • “The Zen teaching by Huang Po” by John Blofeld

You can safely draw and drink the water of their spiritual wisdom… and thus reach the state that is already yours… only you don’t know it. If in doubt, read this spiritual blog and you’ll find helpful reviews and experiences from the life of spiritual seeker, following the path of self-enquiry. Remember, wasting even one fleeting moment on following false gurus is something you cannot afford!