Jan 31 2010

ABC of Spirituality – Spiritual Videos

Spiritual videos have been made available, to assist in your climbing towards the highest peaks of spirituality. Great majority of these videos consists of earlier posts published on this blog. Now, for your convenience, you can listen to the spiritual message they carry. However, never forget that this is not the message that is important; it is what you do with “it” that matters. For nothing replaces spiritual work, done with the outmost integrity, inner honesty and the greatest earnestness you can muster.

You can watch the videos by clicking on the links below. If you’d like to save any of them for a further use, feel free to download them. How? Right click on the link, and when the menu appears left click “Save As” and don’t forget where you’ve saved it…

Is God Listening to You?

Baby Boomers and Spirituality

Be Free of Fears!

Death and Dying from the Spiritual Perspective

How to Get Ready for Death and Dying

Basics of the Level of Consciousness Calibrations

Spiritual Network for Your Ultimate Success!

New spiritual videos will be added frequently. You’re always welcome…