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Aug 23 2009

The Power of Compassion Has No Bounds!

This is nowhere more obvious than when practicing compassion for the dying person. For you giving him, or her, your compassion, will inspire them to do the same; and heal themselves not only on the spiritual level, but physically as well. Buddhist teachings are full of stories about how great masters taught their disciples to be compassionate to all sentient beings, and recognize it as the shortest road to enlightenment.

Hear how the vast and almost unimaginable compassion outpours with these words: “Give all profit and gain to others, take all loss and defeat on yourself.”
The practice of Tonglen, which in Tibetan means “giving and receiving” is one of the most powerful and useful ways of practicing compassion. And, if you struggle to evoke compassion in you, try thinking of others as exactly the same as you. Try to imagine another person as you; with the same feelings, the same desire for happiness, and the same fears. Thinking of the other person as being the same as you, will open your heart to him, or her, and provide you with more insight into how to help them more. In the end, it will help you to open up your relationships and give them richer meaning. Imagine the world, where all societies and nationalities see each other in the same way… Buddhists call compassion the wish-fulfilling gem, whose light of healing shines in all directions.

Finally, a beautiful story depicting one of many lives of Buddha, prior to his enlightenment.
In one life, he was born as Mahasattva, the youngest son of a great emperor. One day, whilst walking with his brothers through the forest, he saw a tigress who has given birth and was so exhausted with hunger that she was on the point of eating her cubs. Mahasattva asked his brothers what the tiger would need to eat in order to survive. They answered: “Only fresh meat and blood.” “But who could give his own flesh and blood?” Mahasattva asked. “Who, indeed?” they replied.

Mahasattva was so deeply moved by the plight of the tigress and her cubs, that he asked his brothers to leave him alone; then made a deep gash in his body and his blood started to flow into tigress’s mouth. As she regained her strength, she opened her jaws and devoured him. By giving his body to the tigress in order to save her cubs, Mahasattva had shown the great merit of compassion that helped him to be reborn in a higher realm, and eventually to become the Buddha. The power of his compassion had also purified the tigress and her cubs of their karma, and nullified any karmic debt they might have owed to him. A karmic link was created between them. The tigress and her cubs were reborn as the Buddha’s first five disciples. The mystery of compassion that knows no bounds…