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Sep 11 2011

Senior Spirituality – Conscientious Choice Or an Act of Prudence?

It’s never too late, to dive into senior spirituality. Especially, when one’s life experience brings nothing more than disenchantment, insecurity and fear of the future. And before you give yourself the credit for suddenly, in the senior years, finding spirituality attracting you, the truth is possibly quite different.
Were you a seasoned spiritual seeker, the classic spiritual dogma that “You are not the doer” would prevent you from such tomfoolery.
Instead, you should feel an immense gratitude, that you’ve been “chosen,” for senior spirituality is still rather the exception than the rule…
Yes, there are many seniors approaching their final years, overwhelmed by the realization that their life achievements are quickly losing their value, and that what is lying ahead will have to be faced with a new set of “skills” and the resolve that they are sadly lacking. Yet only a few of them will be given the nod toward spirituality. Call it fate, or karma, if you like…


Senior Spirituality Enables You To Reach Beyond This World!

Thus if you belong to the latter group, rejoice!
You’re at the threshold of the time of your life… By saying this, I don’t want to ascribe too much significance to the time factor. Indeed, as you grow spiritually, you’ll find the importance of time diminishing; and despite moving toward advanced years, you won’t count or wait for anything.
At the same time, the average seniors have to realize that their mental capacity is undergoing the process of degradation.
The reading and listening, although lasting as long as always, don’t produce the same results. The comprehension deteriorates and health complains seriously limit one’s ability to exert all the mental power one still has.
Don’t despair though; the moment will come when you’ll abandon spiritual books, DVDs, seminar attendances, etc. and end up with your own self.

When this happens, you’ll gain a new sense of security and independence. Realization that it is your own insight and self-enquiry that allow you to apperceive your true nature will bring an immense joy and peace of mind.
You’ll discover new frontiers when your thoughts have never ventured before. You’ll find the impact of “worldly things” diminishing, and a new set of values appearing.
Instead of expecting to be loved, you’ll be the love everybody is longing for.
And the fear of death that so many seniors try to obliterate by “getting busy” will eventually disappear.
What will be left, what will give you the spiritual energy to advance toward realizing the Self? It will be your ever-growing knowingness that all your experiences, past and current, are of the ephemeral nature. Worth nothing!
Why then, would you want to cling to life at all costs?
When you know that what in common parlance is called “death” is actually the final step toward your original state, what is there to be feared?

Great Indian sage Avadhut Nityananda said: “One must seek the shortest way and the fastest means to get back home – to turn the spark within into a blaze, to be merged in and to identify with that greater fire which ignited the spark.”
If you’re one of those few who found it, make sure you let the blaze to be seen. Make your life an inspiration to others.
Then, perhaps those who would embrace senior spirituality for no other reason than to be prudent – if there’s life after death, than I want to be sure, I don’t miss it, kind of thinking – will catch your fire and enlighten their lives in the process.
Then, people would say about you: “What a fulfilling life he had!”
Little will they know that this was not your conscientious choice…