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May 28 2009

The Way You See God

Continuation of the earlier post How You View God.

At the level of Neutrality (Level of Consciousness (LOC) 250) you begin to experience God as freedom. Instead of hateful, punitive, negative God, there’s a God of infinite, absolute freedom that allows you to explore your true potential.
God becomes positive and hopeful at the level of Willingness (LOC 310).
You then experience life as harmonious and God as all merciful.

As the persons reach the level of Lovingness (LOC 500) they experience the God of unconditional love, and the source of one’s happiness and life.
Moving into the levels of Joy and Awareness (LOC 540 and above) we experience God as Isness, Reality, Beingness and Truth; and the Eternal Source of All Existence.

It becomes clear now, how differently the same God looks to humans at the low LOC levels and to those at LOC 540 and above. If nothing else, this fact alone should encourage us to seek progress in our spiritual journey. Climbing the LOC ladder has the highest reward of all possible: at the end of your climb you get to see and experience the Divinity – your source of origin.