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Oct 23 2011

Is Your Spiritual Path Bringing You Close to the Final Run to Reach the Absolute?

If you know that there’s no spiritual path, then you don’t need to read any further. This is not for you, for you’ve “overgrow” the self-enquiry format, and your conviction that you are That is unmoveable. You are there, and there’s no more seeking for you.
As for those who still walk their spiritual path by studying, meditating, listening, and dare I say, imitating their favorite guru, the question will eventually arise is this: How close am I to the target, and when I know that the final run has begun?

If not for anything else but for some encouragement, you’d like to sense the final approach of your spiritual path, and feel the closeness of the finishing line, I can tell you: this won’t happen.
In your spiritual work aimed at realization, or enlightenment as some prefer to call it, there are hours of repetitive practices, dull moments when you feel as going back, rather than progressing. There are times when you question your sanity, as do people in your immediate vicinity.
No encouraging signs (coming from above), no praises, only a sense of feeling ineffective; for you know that you are that which you are seeking.

Some will lose their resolve, pause, and wait for more inspiration. Others will carry on as if they have no other option – having dedicated themselves totally to spiritually living each moment of their lives. The latter will get there anytime soon, if their resolve holds AND intensifies, regardless of the adverse feelings and signs that try to derail their progress.
You see, the “price” is high, for the “reward” is a “highest.”
Once you realize that that which you’re seeking is belittled by even you saying: this is my life mission, you will remove all obstacles from your path, and you will run over these that are still left.

With single pointedness of mind, every moment free of taking care of your (limited) earthly needs will be spent on singing AND living the mantra: “I am the Absolute, the Absolute I am. I am the Absolute, the Absolute I am. I am the Absolute, the Absolute I am. Prior to words, prior to consciousness, the Absolute.”
Unreservedly, without exception, you will use every fleeting moment to understand consciousness. In return, the same consciousness will help you find your true nature. Yes, the same non-duality state that sets down on you in your deep sleep, and which you’re unable consciously apprehend.

Don’t dismiss it as dull and unrewarding. Remember, you’re trying to appreciate it with the tools (your senses) given you by consciousness – in itself a temporary and illusory state. How can something that is prior and beyond be apprehended by a mere appearance?
Indeed, to know the Absolute is to be the Absolute. In practical terms, it means rejecting all obstacles from your spiritual path, until your firm conviction that there’s only the Absolute reveals its unmistakeable glory.
Watch the video below, where the enlightened teacher of the modern spirituality, Dr David R Hawkins, gives his advice on the final run. And remember, it is only your perception of yourself that makes the finishing line looking so distant…