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Jan 10 2010

Is God Listening to You?

Judging by the number of voices coming from every corner of this planet, the common perception is that no, God is not listening to you, and many others. Those who practise spirituality feel particularly unrewarded for their dedication and spiritual work. It comes without saying that you feel, you deserve God’s full attention, don’t you?
After all, being created “in His image” entitles you to the God-like status now, and forever. But, before you nod your head in agreement, let me ask you this: “What is God’s place in your life?”

If, you subscribe to the theory that God is the Creator of the universe, including your life, you’ve passed the first qualifier; that’s not always the case, with a few of the humankind claiming that some mysterious forces, called the evolution, shaped their ancestry and right now determines every moment of their lives. Now, time for another question: “Do you believe that God is running your life?” By that, I mean in the smallest detail of your earthly existence; to the extent of you feeling disenfranchised and powerless…
Now, there are two answers: Yes and No. Both are equally good, at least on the surface…

If your answer was “Yes”, then your life is probably more content and less egocentric. For you have renounced your ability to “do better” by yourself; trusting that your Creator knows what’s really good for you, and gives it to you in abundance. Whatever comes your way is ultimately accepted as blessings, although they are often dressed as personal tragedies and spiritual challenges. Your faith in God is rock-solid and your love for Him makes the essence of your deeds and your prayers.

If your answer was “No”, then your effort and struggle, plan and hope…
The conviction that this is your responsibility to run your life hides from you that fact that you’re trying to improve on God!
Ask your self why? What’s there in life that your Creator is hiding from you? Or perhaps, protecting you from… Realize, that God allows you to do everything: dream, plan, do. And yes, you’re expected to do your best. But, as much as you can “understand” God’s intentions, wouldn’t it make your life so much easier to live, if you have given up the desire for the fruit of your actions?

Great Indian spiritual teacher Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, in his book “I Am That” said: “At every moment whatever comes to you unasked, comes from God and will surely help you, if you make the fullest use of it. It is only when you strive for, out of your own imagination and desire, that gives you trouble.”
If you truly love God, your only desire needs to be for the realization that He is so close, that not listening is out of question. After all, even the smallest part of you is God. He is the source of your beingness, and no matter which way you choose to run your life, the finishing line is at the source. One and the same for all of us. To make the race short and less tiring, ask God for directions. He is listening and you’ll be answered. The question is, will you hear?