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Mar 09 2010

Find Your Spiritual Home Now!

Where is your spiritual home? Where does your soul live? Who is running your life, every fleeting moment of it? These are the questions that everybody can ask you, whether you see yourself as a declared spiritual seeker, or not. Far more importantly, these are the questions that you should be asking yourself… everyday!

Now, if you’re able to define your spiritual home, you’ll have no trouble to answer all of them. Let’s try…
Truly, there’s only one home – the Self, beyond all descriptions, perfect, ever loving, ever safe. Yet for most of us, the self (ego) succeeded in convincing us that our home is in the world – a mind-created illusion that we’re so fond of recreating every time we wake up. Yes, it appears to be interesting – a mix of drama, comedy, tears and laughter. Its spellbinding yet false reality obscured the Reality from being seen by all, but the most advanced spiritual seekers.

So what is the Reality? It is the Self, like the sun that is always shining on earth. Only when you choose to stay on the ground, there will be days and there will be nights. There will be light and there will be darkness, just like ordinary earth dwellers experience each day.
Yet those who choose the way of spiritual progress and begin to move towards the sun will forever be “enlightened” by the rays of the Self. Free from earthly attachments, a witness only to the mirage of existence and the perpetual twins of pain and pleasure feed by the humanity; yet never participating in it.

You and I are the fruits of God’s love. Being created by the Absolute, we’re nothing short of perfection. Now is the time to enter the spiritual path that will lead you away from the earth’s darkness, into the eternal light of the Presence. This path is open for all humans, yet very few know about it, and fewer still choose to follow. Some have crossed the finishing line; many more will reach the Ultimate goal soon. Be one of them, become one with God!