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May 16 2011

Realizing One’s True Nature – Who Am I? – Part 2

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Your “I Amness” was there all the way, right from the moment a seed was planted in your mother’s womb; with the universal consciousness accommodating your existence.
The fact that you don’t remember your body being conceived, let alone born, proves that you were totally oblivious to its existence. You were just a speck in the universal consciousness, associated with nothing, totally free.

This universal consciousness was you and you were it. You were happy to have no knowledge of anything, except that you are.
Till… your mother finally succeeded in convincing you that you are the body and a name.
Said Nisargadatta Maharaj: “Before you were born there was nothing, there was no idea that you were taking a form; this form came to your knowledge only after your mother introduced you to yourself.”
Your drift toward the personal consciousness has begun, there and then. Since then, you recognize your body as the essence of your “I Amness.” This monumental change was accomplished through sheer ignorance, using nothing but words. That’s right, your mother made you to believe that you are your hands, your head, legs and the rest combined into a more or less good looking individual. From then on, your life became determined by two moments in time: the birth and death. A bondage many will never escape. Yet it all began so innocently… as Siva Sutras say: “The source of bondage is sound.” Yes, the words…

Don’t blame your mother! The same happened to her…
Says Nisargadatta Maharaj: “The mother, with sincerity but in ignorance, feeds the roots of misery, while the Saint, with the same intensity, weeds them out. The Saint knows what the welfare of the people lies in much better than does the mother of her child.”
Feel lucky, when the urge to investigate what you are begins to nag you.
Feel blessed when you meet the Guru who can stir up your personal consciousness and make you embark on a mission of discovery.
After the investigation is completed, it’ll become crystal clear to you: your “I Amness” was hijacked; you were convinced to trade in king’s finery for the beggar’s rags.

Yet you can move back the time. You can regain your true nature. Just be that child that you were – free of knowing, understanding, interpreting, love, hate, desire, fear; all that burden that a person carries right through to the last gasp. That what you call a “You” was never born and will never die. Only “I Am” is, and that is your original nature. Want to experience unlimited bliss? Go back to where you came from, that’s where eternal bliss reigns!

A concluding note: When the word “mother” is used, you can interchange it freely with your father, your siblings and family, and the society you’re living in, etc. Forgive your mother her (unconscious) ignorance. Remember her warm heart, the unselfish care and abundance of love that she was the source of…