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Oct 28 2010

Accept Huang Po And His Zen Teachings As the Last Signpost On Your Spiritual Journey!

I don’t think Huang Po would actually be happy with the way I put it. For him, there’s no journey, there’s no seeking, you are already there! But, first things first…
After the first reading of “The Zen Teaching of Huang Po On the Transmission of Mind” translated by John Blofeld, my feeling was, and still is, as if this is the last book one has to read. That’s where the knowledge gathering ends, and Knowledge acceptance begins.

Who is Huang Po? He is the most prominent of the teachers of the Southern branch of the Zen Sect (of the Mahayana Buddhism’s origin), with its doctrine of Sudden Enlightenment. Known under various names: Master Hsi Yun, Master T’uan Chi, his posthumous name Huang Po is taken from that Mount Huang Po in China, where he resided for many years. Japanese know him under the name Obaku. He died in 850. Relatively unknown to the seekers of spirituality, his teachings are of the purest quality. How do I know?
Those familiar with the Level of Consciousness calibrations, will instantly realize this. Huang Po’s consciousness calibrates at 950. The same as his teachings. Knowing that Jesus Christ, Buddha and Krishna all calibrated at 1000, this is indeed remarkably high level, when comparing with the level of integrity being at 200 and the average Level of Consciousness of all humanity at 204.

The calibrated level of Huang Po’s teachings assures students that they are facing the highest, unpolluted spiritual truth there is. That’s what attracted me to him and his Zen doctrine. And whilst I’m not going to plunge into more books, Zen or otherwise, “The Zen Teaching of Huang Po On the Transmission of Mind” attained a very special place in my heart. Sure, one needs to be ready to comprehend, let alone follow his teachings. That’s probably why it took me four years to finally get there.
But, once you begin to read his teachings, direct and devoid of any ambiguity, you know you’re sitting at the feet of the Guru…

Without going into details of Huang Po’s message, the Zen Dharma that he teaches is based on the following principles:

  1. There’s only the One Mind
  2. Enlightenment is not gradual, but sudden. It is the life’s highest purpose
  3. Dhyana practice should concentrate on eliminating all thoughts.
  4. Conceptual thinking and its results are totally false.
  5. Life dedicated to gathering merits is a waste of time; and as far as the individual karma is concerned, it’s got time-limited benefits.
  6. You are not the body, you are not the mind.
  7. All sense-based knowledge is unreal.
  8. No seeking! You are already THAT!

This is not by any means an exhaustive list, and my intention was to only give you a glimpse of Zen doctrine, according to Huang Po.
When reading the book, I felt like I’d want to read it again. The power flowing form his message was so evident, you could indeed feel like being the One Mind.
Eventually, all knowledge gathering processes must stop, and all the time needs to be dedicated to self-enquiry. There’s no better way than meditation. Indeed, Dhyana is the Way to the gate, and if you ever needed more reassurance, Huang Po is here, by your side. Get the book and make it the last you’ll ever need!