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Jun 28 2009

Use Your Consciousness to Fight Off Depression!

Depression can affect anybody, regardless of his or her spiritual awareness and Level of Consciousness (LOC) calibration level, with the exception of LOC 600 and above.
A highly specialized are of the medical science exists, dedicated solely to the diagnostic and treatment of depression. Looking at depression from the point of the relationship between body, mind and spirit enables us to address its source, and treat it more effectively. Particularly, if the whole attention is directed to the place where depression originates, namely the field of consciousness. This is also the highest level, where the most power exists to deal with the problem; rather than at the body chemistry’s level, better left to the biochemistry and pharmacology.

There is one critical error common in all depression cases. The sufferers made the same error within their mind and within the consciousness itself. It is based on experiencing negative emotions. Yes, the feelings of the anger, the fear, the grief, the apathy and the guilt; all below the level of Truth at LOC 200, make one vulnerable to the fear. Why? Because everyone of these negative energy fields is based on placing the source of happiness externally. Then we become victims of a cause that is outside of ourselves, and thus impossible to control. This is the common weakness of human consciousness, when we make our happiness dependant on external factors. When you say: “If I only get that job of my dreams, I’ll be extremely happy.” Or: “When I finish the university with high grades, it’ll open all roads to my personal success that so far has been avoiding me.”

This attitude of placing the source of our happiness outside of ourselves is making us vulnerable to anxiety, fear, potential loss and depression. When the pain feels like impossible to endure, the thoughts of suicide emerge. Why? Because we think we are our body, and by killing the body, we will kill the source of our suffering. A false idea that brings no relief.

What’s the solution? Firstly, we have to face the fear that lies at the bottom of the depression. The fear is that one has that which is of value – the meaning of life; something that can never be replaced. In reality, we have the power to recontextualize our lives and to resource ourselves. The effect will be a state of inner joy and realization that we alone have the power and the choice. By owning that we are the source of our suffering, we transcend it and bring about the inner healing. Finally, the greatest benefit one can gain by that realization is that one will never be precluded from experiencing that very special state called the peace of God.
The knowingness that we are connected with the source of everything – we are with God, is the ultimate reward.