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Aug 04 2010

Are Your Spiritual Teachers Legitimate?

You and I, and everybody practicing advanced spirituality leading to Realization, need one or more spiritual teachers. And there’s no shortage of those who call themselves spiritual guru, or a teacher. The trouble is, very few of them are legitimate. What do I mean by the word “legitimate”? Simple – those who are speaking from the position of authority. No, no this kind that every school teacher has. There’s only one authority that counts here: the Self. In other words, the only spiritual guru worth following will be a realized being. Unfortunately, the great majority of those who proclaim themselves to be great teachers and heralds of the Truth, are nothing more than professional speakers, some of substantial talents, who owing to some clever marketing have earned thousands of followers with fortunes to match. Their “message” originates not from the Self. Rather, it is a skilfully regurgitated knowledge acquired through reading dozens of books studying some scriptures, and listening to authentic gurus.

So, the question arises: how do you identify which spiritual teachers are authentic and which are not. And there’s no room for mistake here. If, in your naivety, follow a false guru and his/her teachings, you risk wasting your lifetime and ending up with broken heart and crushed mind. Yes, no matter how eager you are to begin your spiritual journey, first you must make sure, to the best of your abilities, that the guide you’ll follow knows the path to the finishing line. “How am I supposed to know that?” you may ask. Only thirty, or so years ago, it was virtually impossible to discern between true and false spiritual gurus. You had to relay entirely on your instinct and recommendation of others. With the onset of consciousness research it became very easy to measure the integrity level of spiritual teachers and their teachings.

Now, you’d probably like to know more about consciousness research and how you can use it in your spiritual work. The foundations were laid by Dr John Diamond and his work related to kinesiology. It was followed by Dr David R Hawkins, through his work on the Level of Consciousness (LOC) calibration procedure, and applying these techniques to the whole field of spirituality. His book “Truth vs. Falsehood: How to Tell the Difference” provides any serious researcher of spirituality with an objective tool for disseminating true from false. Yes, now all it takes is to master those simple testing techniques, and use them to find the level of integrity of everybody and everything, in the past and in the present. Consequently, you’re in a position to ascertain how integrous your prospective spiritual teacher is, and the level of integrity of his/her teachings. No more blind following to the precipice…

It is not my intention to suggest any particular names; you need to do your own research and pick your own guru. Why? Because their styles of teaching vary significantly; although the ultimate message is the same. Put simply, you’ll like some more than the others, as they suit better your type of personality. Although, as you advance spiritually, you’ll notice that you’re able to ignore the style in which the message is delivered; for you’ll read only the Truth that it carries. Remember, any spiritual teacher that calibrates above 600 on the Level of Consciousness scale, is an Enlightened (Realized) Being and speaks from his/her own spiritual experience, and not from the second-hand knowledge, acquired by reading and listening. More exactly, in case of a Realized Being the words of the teacher come directly from the Self.

It’s quite easy to do a thorough research for the legitimate spiritual teachers and their teachings, using the power of the Internet. There are discussion groups, Squidoo and Hub pages, Facebook fan pages, spiritual blogs and sites dedicated to individual gurus and their messages. Do your research diligently, for you know that the cost of mistakes will have to be repaid during the many a lifetime. If you ask me for some tips and pointers, here are three major ones:
1. Gurus no longer alive are safer than those still with us.
2. If you’re asked for money to access the teachings, stay away. Of course, I’m not talking about the standard costs for the books, etc.
3. If there are secrets, rituals, initiations, levels of membership, organizational hierarchy, etc. stay away.

Finally, when you find and follow your spiritual teacher for a while, and see no progress, don’t be afraid to change the guru. And remember, your acquisition of knowledge has one sole purpose only: to know the knower. And when you advance far enough on your spiritual path, you’ll realize that the knower is always with you. It is the Self – your ultimate guru.