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May 20 2009

Seeing God…

Where is your God?
Have you seen him lately?
As a child, you were told to look up high into the skies.
But now, all you see are grey clouds.

Churches and holy places claim to host God.
But, they are too far away from your life path.
Even where the head winds make you pull your head in and cry
You don’t know where to look for the helping hand.

Where is your God?
Is he hiding from you, worried that the Creation went too far?
For you can fly to the Moon, but cannot make someone to love you
No matter how much you try.

One little change is all is needed.
Stop looking for God.
Open your heart’s eye and begin seeing God.
He Is All That Is.

You find Him in the old man crossing the road… too slowly.
In the withered tree branch, hanging over the roof of your home.
Each droplet of rain holds His image.
Smallest flower of the meadow’s weeds is all God’s Love
For you.