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May 19 2009

Living With God Is Good!

Whenever we talk about a relationship, we cannot escape the temptation to evaluate it, for all it’s worth. Who gives more: I or the other party? Often we think: “I’ve to keep our relationship in the balance. The last thing I want is to bee seen as an overbearing person; worse still, I won’t get my ‘investment’ back. Luckily, some of us don’t include God when doing those accounting analytics. Somehow, we feel that God is ‘outside’ of the earthly realms. Yet there are many who will give to God whatever they consider to be of value, and wait for His response. And it better be good, for I’ve given precious ten minutes of praying, twice a day, and I expect some visible results. Otherwise, at the best I’ll be disappointed, at worst – will ignore you for a long time.

Whatever reaction seems to be more natural to you, and whatever are your expectations of God, the Reality is, and always has been, the same. God loves you unconditionally. Concepts like: exchange, in return, equal, reciprocal, my prayers have been answered, etc. only exist in human domain. God loves you the same 100% whether your prayer lasted two, or twenty minutes; whether you’re called a ‘low life’ or a saintly being that meditates for hours and heals all that come into contact with her. If your religion tells you to pray more in order to earn God’s favor, because you’re a sinner, know that God has one Love, for you and the priest that listens to your confession. Both of you have the same Self – God living in you.

Why then bother with trying to get ‘better’ and live the life of the truth and integrity? It’s not easy, and many compromises are required to navigate through the rooms of smoke and mirrors that make our contemporary world. If indeed, God has one Love for all of us, I want to be as naughty as possible, and ‘enjoy’ my life to the hilt. No reservations, no rules, no limits!
I’m glad you’ve asked: “Why bother…”
When you embrace God and Truth life feels good! Why? Because when you know deep in your heart, that your ‘relationship’ with God is ‘balanced’ by you trying to contribute as much as you can, you can expect the best God can give. You will lack nothing. What a comforting thought!