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Dec 12 2010

Meditation in Advanced Spirituality – How to Make Meditation Your Second Nature!

What is meditation? For those who follow the path of advanced spirituality, Nisargadatta Maharaj has these words: “Meditation is to reject all experiences, to be in an experienceless state.” Readers of “I Am That” will recall his precise description of how one progresses through all stages of meditation, right to the final stages when the sense of identity goes beyond “I-am-so-and-so” – see page 412 for details.
Asked: “What is the purpose of meditation?” Maharaj answered: “Seeing the false as the false, is meditation. This must go on all the time.”
For the advanced spiritual practitioner, meditation should not be some kind of a “specialized” practice. Instead, it should become a way of life, a second nature.

Doing even a short search online for meditation and related info, exposes you to a bewildering maze of rituals, schools of thought, paraphernalia, gurus, postures, etc. With few exceptions, all of them are based on sophistry and metaphysics if not bordering on charlatanry. Why so? Because only very few spiritual seekers will accept that in the essence, meditation is a very simple process and none of the adornments (music, incenses, secrets, experts, etc.) are needed, for they will only distract from its sole integrous purpose – to empty one’s mind. Human nature however, is such that, particularly for spiritual beginners, it is easier to start with some “special” practice, with added bells and whistles, just to cheat one’s ego into believing that all that is worthy of doing.
Said Maharaj: “As long as you are a beginner certain formalized meditations, or prayers may be good for you. But for a seeker for reality there is only one meditation – the rigorous refusal to harbour thought. To be free from thoughts is itself meditation.” So simple, yet so difficult to believe in and practice for those who expect a gain. Elevated state of mind, kundalini, satori, or at least feeling of quietitude and relaxation. All of them are possible… once you stop searching for them in your meditation.

There was a reason why I’ve added the words “Advanced Spirituality” to the title of this writing. This is my way of identifying you in the crowd of the many who claim to meditate. For an advanced spiritual seeker, meditation is a way of life, not a practice or a ritual. When you keep thoughts away, you say that you meditate. It is easy to practice mind-control (dhyana) when you assume a proper posture and close your eyes, whilst sitting comfortably in your favorite place. Wave after wave of rising thoughts are splashing against the bulwark of your resolve to be in Void. It is difficult when carrying on your life activities, with thousands of thoughts vying for attention. Yes, to stay alive you surely must take the necessary care of your body. When you’ve a family, you must take care of them too. But, to the extend that is absolutely necessary for your and their survival. Nothing more. And when you stop using the real or assumed responsibilities as an excuse for keeping your mind busy, you’ll find more and more opportunities to be thoughtless. After all, knowing that “things happen as they happen” and still engaging in elaborate thought processes, is nothing more than attending to the vanity of your ego.

What is the ultimate prize for being thoughts-free?
Liberation, Enlightenment, Realization, or whatever you put on the peak of the intuitive knowledge, that every human being can aspire to, yet very few will realize in this lifetime. Abandon all rituals, stay away from hyped seminars and withdraw yourself from guru-adoring congregations. Limit the number of books you read, the holy places you visit, and the heavenly sounds that you hear… no matter how uplifting, inspiring and motivational. Nothing can speed your progress along the Way more than meditation.
Make sure every second of your life counts; in joy or sorrow, be thoughts-free. And when the situation requires that you attend to your life’s needs, keep in the forefront of your mind that when this moment passes, you’ll be thought-free again. For this is your Natural State. What you’ve lost is waiting to be reclaimed. Waste no time. As Huang Po wrote: “Exert your strength in this life to attain! Or else incur long aeons of further pain!”