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Nov 18 2011

Why Spiritual Seekers Need to Embrace Hardships and Adversities and Ask for More!

No, it’s not a statement befitting of some spiritually aware masochist.
Quite to the contrary, true spiritual seekers while giving ever diminishing importance to their bodies and minds, will welcome challenges, hardships and adversities that consciousness presents them with, and see them as their opportunity to get beyond the consciousness. That’s where the Absolute is, your and mine true nature. Indeed, we all are THAT, yet for the lack of conviction, we keep on striving for the seemingly distant state of Realization.

For some, it means the effort of a disciplined living, frequent meditation and unfaltering conviction that the entire domain of consciousness is unreal. It goes on and on, till the seeker realizes that the effort will not get him there. This very understanding becomes Realization, with the capital R.
For others, life tragedies, personal disasters, etc. produce shocks and upheavals of such magnitude, that the “Establishment of Consciousness” can no longer hold its spell over them. The mirror cracks and the reflection loses its glitter. Illusion vanishes, Reality shines forth.

The majority however, will follow their own individual paths; each being a unique mix of this and that: mediation, selfless service, pray, austerity, renunciation, falling to the bottom and coming to the top; seeing the evil in one moment and God in the next.
Indeed, in our lifetime God presents us with many opportunities to shake off the veils of illusion and discover Truth.
Said Avadhut Nityananda: “There are various tests to which a devotee is subjected: they could be of the mind, or the intellect, of the body, and so on. A number of such tests are there. In fact, God is conducting tests all the time; every occurrence in life is a test. Every thought that crops up in the mind is in itself a test to see what one’s reaction will be. Hence one must be always alert and aloof, conducting oneself with a spirit of detachment, viewing everything as an opportunity afforded to gain experience, to improve oneself and go on to a higher stage.”


No adversity is real under the rays of the Absolute!

Will you recognize the opportunity to grow spiritually, in the next adversity coming your way?
Or will you, as the majority of humans would, get angry/frustrated/disappointed with God, because He is less than appreciative of your spiritual efforts, and perhaps chooses to “penalize” you instead?
Till you gain the absolute conviction that there’s no “you” and “you” and God are one, thank Him for His attention, for His poking and prodding you to get real!

And when you finally arrive at the destination, call it Enlightenment, Liberation or Realization, you’ll find that there never was a person, sufferings and hardships.
Said Nisargadatta Maharaj: “It is only when it is understood with the greatest conviction that there is no entity, and what is happening is merely the program of the functioning of consciousness – there is merely the functioning, there is no entity who is causing it and there is no entity who is suffering – only then can the disidentification take place.”

When you stop identifying with the false image of yourself that consciousness wants you to believe is real, you’ll rise above the clouds of illusion and ignorance. There, the sun of the Absolute shines with its infinite rays illuminating Reality. This is where you are now. Just see it, that’s the whole secret!