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Jul 31 2011

Why True Spirituality the Ultimate Purpose of Your Live!

Let’s first define true spirituality. Sadly, it is not one of those activities that so many spiritual people indulge in. If you don’t know what I mean, just do a quick online search and you’ll find everything from tarot reading, astrology, clairvoyance, cleansing ceremonies, guru adoration, transcendental meditation, sun worshipping, attending initiation ceremonies and hyped-up seminars, to name a few. All of them are just an entertainment, spiritual circus.

Sadly, as nothing in life comes free, you’ll pay “as you go” on your way to the promised higher level of spiritual attainment. More and more money, for less and lesser still effort to gain the advanced degree in spirituality. Happiness and total bliss are waiting for you at the next step of your spiritual path; that’s the promise you’ll hear from the great majority of the contemporary self-proclaimed masters and gurus.
If you don’t believe that you can buy “enlightenment” or “salvation” or just the inner peace, you are right. But, by far the great majority of people thinks otherwise. That’s why there’s a whole plethora of spiritual movements, cults, sects, and… religions.

And then, there are those who don’t really care; at least for now, when the world is their oyster and nothing seems to be going wrong for them. From one success to another, even greater. Acquisitions, deals, investments, profits; wealth building and status chasing activities go on and on. Rich and honorable, tycoons, luminaries, idols, celebrities, etc. And the stream of money that never seems to dry out. From one success to another, even greater.
Do you think these people think about spirituality? Except for those few well published causes of celebrities trying to buy their way into a religion or cult; to “plug” the gap in their self-consciousness and ensure a safe passage, in case there is the afterlife that you here about from time to time…
Those “eminent individuals” lead the world of today, and the rest of humanity is desperately trying to follow. Little they know that no matter how much you strive to acquire any worldly gains, they are bound to go. The same goes for all the experiences that you treasure so much: fond memories, uplifting moments, love and warm feelings, sense of achievement, jubilations, and believing; they all will disappear. When you are on your deathbed, you will know this is so.

The same goes for your concepts, and the many identities that you have accepted into your life. This is particularly true for those who follow any religion. Yes, for the great majority of people, religion is the only way of answering the cry of their soul, the call of the inner man or woman. Obviously, they are not yet ready for true spirituality. At the same time, those fervent believers and eager practitioners hoping to obtain something permanent – an inner peace from the outside, neither gods and heavens, nor rules and rituals will deliver it. They will be sorely disappointed. Said Nisargadatta Maharaj: “By following any religion, cult or creed, one becomes inevitably conditioned, because one is obliged to conform and accept its disciplines, both physical and mental. One may get a little peace for some time, but such a peace will not last long. In your true nature, you are the knower of concepts and therefore prior to them.”
Yet for those anxious to better their worldly lives, worshipping various gods seems to be the accepted way.

As for those wanting to find their original nature, true spirituality is the only answer. By practising self-enquiry, you will reject and shed-away all those concepts that were like many a veil covering the Absolute. You will reject all your identities: that of “a child,” “a youth,” “a mature man,” that you have adopted at various stages of your life. Ask yourself: has anyone of them remained faithful to you? None. Time has proved all of them to be illusory. The same will happen to that which you regard as your most valuable possession: your beingness, your “I Amness.”
As it has appeared – uninvited and spontaneous, so it will disappear. But the knower, the One who knows your beingness, will be forever. The Absolute is eternal. Knowing and living this truth is true spirituality, the ultimate purpose of life!