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Sep 09 2010

Spiritual Social Network of Distinction!

Which spiritual social network should I join? This question is asked daily by thousands that are seeking to join like-minded people, and enhance their spirituality. Some of them are just the beginners, who expect to find some relief from the onslaught of the fast-paced world; others are looking for the company of highly spiritual individuals – for them finding a satsang means establishing themselves in a safe and nurturing environment.
The great majority of them will unfortunately leave disappointed, for  many spiritual networks in existence today just don’t deliver; even on the self-imposed promises. If there only was one of distinction…

Why it that so much hopes and good will is is going to a waste? Why so many individuals feel abandoned on the one mission that matters most in their lives – the journey to Enlightenment and Realization? False promises result in a paralysing inaction, and once the adept is burnt and disillusioned, the effects can be felt for the lifetime… or longer, when the karmic fabric of one’s existence is seriously affected. It is in the human nature that we want to belong. Solitude is reserved for monks and nuns, and those who welcome it as a necessity for a fast and uninterrupted journey to the highest levels of consciousness. But, as for the rest of us, we just want to enjoy the company of people who feel for us, understand us, and share the same goals.

Whichever spiritual network you choose, almost without fail, you’ll find that it tries to accommodate all kinds of spirituality; from paganism to Zen Catholicism; from radical Hindu to the leftovers of the New Age movement. How people of such diversified minds can form a spiritual community where everybody feels at home, is beyond me… Wouldn’t it be better, if the founder clearly stated as to what set of beliefs they follow, and thus setting up a framework for a better, more beneficial interaction between members. Going for the numbers is counter-productive, as many of those who joined will never open themselves when they witness hostile reactions from the opposing groups within the membership.

When laying a foundation stone for a successful spiritual network, the founder has to narrow the “catchment area” and come up with the profile of a member who, ideally, fits one set of beliefs. Perspective members should be warned that out of many spiritual networks existing online, this one may not be the most suitable for them. In fact, this is a “spiritual responsibility” of the founder or administrator to insist that future members know what to expect. Some will join to socialise – wouldn’t the Facebook be better for them? Others will join to show their intelligence and wit – wouldn’t the weekly meeting of their local Toastmasters club be more rewarding?

Establishing and running a spiritual network that actually advances spirituality is not an easy task. Many will try and fail to realize their dreams of spreading the message of Enlightenment. Worse still, those who have joined will fail with them. It is imperative that in this world of illusion no more false hopes are perpetrated. Reality already is; it shouldn’t take a spiritual network of distinction to bring it into our awareness. Building interpersonal connections based on the common goal of seeking the Self, and an absolute honesty, will do. Yes, it doesn’t matter how many members you have. Their spiritual progress is the only thing that matters. Feel blessed that you were given the opportunity to help!