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Jul 07 2011

Spiritual Progress Towards Realization Requires Much More Than Following the Ten Commandments!

If there was one thing that could dramatically speed up your spiritual progress, would you be interested to know it? Sure, you would.
Now, for the second, harder, part: if the “thing” was a set of rules that you’d have to apply to your everyday life, would you follow them unreservedly?
Totally, a 100%, and without exception.
Before you answer, yes or no, it’s only fair to spell out these rules.
No, there’s nothing new here. In fact, they were put together some 2,000 year ago by Patañjali; the exact date is unknown.
I let you do some research as to who Patañjali was. Suffice to say, he was the founder of the system of yoga, and author of the Yoga Sutras.



The rules, directed to the “ideal spiritual seeker” are simple and straight forward. It is their implementation that will possibly make your resolve weaken.
Here is what Patañjali said, in his Yoga Sutras: “Self-restraint in actions includes abstention from violence, from falsehoods, from stealing, from sexual engagements, and from acceptance of gifts.”
Well, what do you think? Can you follow these rules? The first seem to be relatively easy, after all, they follow the law foundation of the contemporary society: the Ten Commandments.

The trouble begins with the rules four and five.
Sexual abstinence will present a great challenge to many, and only a few will succeed. Far too many temptations to follow the nature call…
But, it is for the last rule: abstention from acceptance of gifts, that will prove to be insurmountable. Our society thrives on gifts, ignoring one simple fact: the essence of gifting is to solicit a response – favor for favor. It’s about getting an advantage over those who didn’t bring the gift; it’s about corrupting and compromising.
Put simply, no gift is free. So instead of accepting it, earn it; and then it becomes a service. This way, the giver and the receiver will both have their consciences clear.

Back to your spiritual progress – it hinges on your following Patañjali’s rules. Can you do it? No, not partially, but a 100%!
If you can’t, that’s OK. At least be honest with yourself, and go back to your ordinary, decent way of living; your time will come.
As hard as the spiritual path is for many, it’s made harder and steeper by ignoring just one of these rules. You either are on a mission, or you are not. You cannot be 90% committed and expect Realization…
On that subject – Realization or Enlightenment… there’s one shortcut that you can take right now, and forget about all rules.

It’s given in the book “DISSOLVING THE EGO, REALIZING THE SELF: Contemplations from the Teachings of David R. Hawkins.”
Here it is, I quote from the book:

“There is absolutely nothing in ordinary human experience to compare with the joy of the Presence of the Love of God.  No sacrifice is too great, nor effort too much, in order to realize that Presence.
If, in the exact passing moment of each instant, there is a complete willingness to totally surrender to it, one can suddenly transcend the ego in a flash.

And then the way opens for Realization, wherein the Light of God as Self reveals the Source of all existence and Reality.
If the ego has neither past, present, nor future to focus on, it falls silent and is replaced by the silence of the Presence. Thus, the way to sudden enlightenment is available at all times.
It occurs naturally when the fascination with the story of the ‘me’ of the past, present or future is relinquished. The illusion of ‘now’ is replaced by the reality of ‘Always’.”

See, it doesn’t have to be difficult! Just follow your heart… at every passing moment.