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Mar 16 2010

Is Spirituality Serving Your True Self?

So, you think you’re spiritual? You follow a guru, or two, you read all the latest spiritual books written by the famous X, and even more famous Y… You’re seen at the mass events, seminars, satsangs and perhaps have a few photos of yourself with your favorite guru, to show for.
And you feel like spirituality is carrying you nicely through your life, helping you avoid falling into the precipices of “Hell on Earth” that mark our earthly existence. But is this what you’ve really hoped for, when signing the “Declaration of Spirituality”?

If your answer is a decisive Yes! You should stop reading right now; this is not for you. However, if your interest in spirituality centers on a single goal of enlightenment, then the time is right for the stocktaking. Time to find out where you’re now, how far have you travelled towards your ultimate goal: realizing the Self. By now, you should know pretty well what works for you and what doesn’t. And there’s no point in trying to recall that nice, fuzzy feeling that accompanies your reading of the favorite spiritual book, gurus’ quotes or listening to the uplifting music that brings tears to your eyes.
All these can only provide you with a background for the serious spiritual work that you’ve declared to carry on.

That’s right! You won’t move one inch towards your goal of enlightenment, unless you do some serious spiritual work. And you must do it in even the most minutiae space of time you have at your disposal. You don’t know where to start, where to find truth about the Self? Listen to Dr David R Hawkins: “All truth is found within.” Why then, would you search somewhere else? Your true Self is within your reach, and it will be through a relentless self-enquiry that you’ll find it. Said Ramana Maharshi: “Other than enquiry, there are no adequate means.”
How is it practically done? By looking inside yourself, and questioning what your are, and where did you come from. Ask yourself what constitutes your true beingness and what is really “running” your I-Amness. Instead of meditating on words and pictures, begin meditating on the meditator – your Self. Rein your thinkingness, and if the gap between two thoughts that your mind is bombarding you with is too small for a meaningful thought, sanctify it by saying: “I love you God!”

Don’t say it loudly; say it quietly “to yourself” and you’ll notice how mighty these words are. You’ll hear the thunder they bring to the sky of your life clouded by the ego. And when the horizon clears, your Self will shine through. Look in awe at the fruit of your spiritual work, your God-given reward. Before the harvest time comes, realize that your life purpose is unique. Said Dr Hawkins: “The goal of society in general is to succeed in the world, whereas the goal of enlightenment is to transcend beyond.”
Renounce your sense of “I” by harnessing the power of spirituality and find what you truly are. This finding alone will make the Presence your every day’s Reality!