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Sep 24 2011

What Shapes Your Spiritual Identity?

Contrary to what you might have thought, it is not the influence of the great Avatars, spiritual masters, sages and teachers; at least not directly. What truly shapes your spiritual identity is you.
That’s right, you, with all your imperfections, weaknesses, lacks and obtuseness.
After the dust settles in, and you leave the spiritual classroom and put the last book away, you’re faced with THAT that was behind all your “efforts” all the time – your Self. Here, the Self means the Awareness, a reflection of the Absolute on the screen of consciousness.
Whether you realize it or not, all your studies, experiences and so called spiritual progress, are only the veils affecting the clarity of your awareness… of the Absolute. Otherwise, you would have an unquestionable conviction that you are THAT, the Absolute.
Indeed, conviction is what the spiritual seeker needs; faith or even less the believing will not do. Only what comes from within (of your Self) as a result of self-enquiry, will stand a chance to become permanent. All the rest, usually somebody else’s teachings, or beliefs, will eventually crumble under the weight of the unique challenges that the consciousness imposes on you.

All the conviction that you progressively gather through the self-enquiry leads to what is called in spiritual parlance, Enlightenment, Realization or Liberation. Step by step or suddenly, you came to the conclusion that the so called reality that you’re living right now – centred on your body and mind – is an illusion, and the truth that you’re searching for lies with the observer. Your Awareness is as close as you can get to THAT that you’re seeking!
But, till you’ll head Nisargadatta Maharaj’s words, all your searches will end in frustration and despair; here they are:
“It is to be understood that the body-mind complex is merely an object, a phenomenon; and no phenomenon can act. So the concept is very much involved in your body-mind complex. You will never be able to grasp your true nature; for this, the center of perception must change. If that center of perception is a phenomenon, then whichever way you look, that looking is still from the center of the phenomenon. So unless that center of perceiving itself is changed to the Noumenon you will never get an idea of your true nature. Who has decided that I am the body? Purely a concept.”
[Noumenon being an object as it is in itself independent of the mind, as opposed to a phenomenon.]

Yes, your relentless drive “inside,” toward your Self will finally make you realize that this is and always has been the seat of your true nature.
Suddenly, you’ll start looking outside, and see the world as it is – a passing show, with its plays, intrigues and glitter. All of them being as insignificant as your “I Am” concept, and all that reinforces it. After throwing away all your conceptual knowledge, you’ll for the first time be free of bondage associated with it. In words of Nisargadatta Maharaj: “This is real liberation: to know that you are nothing. All your knowledge, including yourself, is liquidated – then you are liberated.”

Before you get there, you’ll undergo trials and tribulations of the conscious existence. Your resolve to seek Truth will fall and rise, as the waves of the ocean of consciousness. Tempted by the magician tricks that form our worldly existence, you’ll be seriously challenged in your conviction that what surrounds you can not be real. Ultimately, failure is not an option. Why? Because you already are THAT. How and when you realize that is entirely your own choice. Furthermore, in Dr David R Hawkins’ words: “The only one you have to answer to is your Self.”
Realize the power you’re given; drop the beggar’s rags that this consciousness gives you, and become a King… by your own conviction!