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Dec 24 2011

God and the Absolute – Why They Are One!

What is the relation between the God we know as the Consciousness, and the Absolute?
Might it just be that those two are One?
In support of this supposition:
– God, working through personal and universal consciousness, is able to enmesh the Absolute, or to be more specific, its rays – that represent us, humans with our species-specific awareness and its servant, perceivingness.
– The Absolute, although unaware of the consciousness, and unconscious itself, is unable to escape its “sporadic” and spontaneous actions; which, despite unaffecting the Absolute’s integrity, make it experienceable right here right now – as in Enlightenment/Realization, or distant and unrecognizable as for those who never heard of nor are interested in Liberation.

Consciousness is known as the reflection of the Absolute; hence God is reflection of the Absolute. Can God be reflection of something or somebody, no matter how omnipotent?
When the highest attributes are given to God: the Almighty, the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent, is there somebody – that we humans can imagine – who is higher?
Even agreeing with the proposition that the Absolute is beyond description (or, beyond our human and thus limited capacity to know) would it have the attributes higher than those above – highest in the humanly understandable terminology?
By saying yes, we are merely refusing to “go beyond” and only trying to comprehend. By saying no, we’re effectively acknowledging that there’s only one God, with its many aspects given to Him to facilitate our limited comprehension of the “identity” that is out of the reaches of our minds.

Whatever answer you’ve came up with, doesn’t really matter, as both would be clouded by the very attempt to express the inexpressible truth. Said Ramesh Balsekar: “Truth must be apperceived; it becomes a concept when given expression to.”
Finally, why do you think you’re different than God, and then begin to worship Him, trying to secure His favors? You and God are One!
It’s only after you’ve left this Oneness, and begun to believe that you’re a separate identity, that duality came into force. From then on, happiness and pain are inexorably woven into your life’s fabric. What was eternal becomes terminal, what was perfect becomes lacking… at least that’s what you believe in.

When all is God, why would you try to exclude yourself from belonging to “all”? Only to “prove” to yourself that God is a distant concept? God has the same reality as you – no, not you as the body and the mind – but you as the Self. And when you apperceive Meister Eckhart’s words: “Behold, I have become human. If you should not want to join me in becoming God, you would do me wrong.” you will be in a position to say: “I have accomplished my Earthly mission.” And while in your godly state, you will realize that the Absolute is the background on which God appears. Both in unity, both as One.