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Apr 20 2010

Never Underestimate the Importance of Your Guru!

Every spiritual seeker, sooner or later, comes across the dilemma: do I need a guru? Not surprisingly, the answer depends on his or her level of awareness. Those just beginning their spiritual journey are hardly “qualified” to choose the “right” guru. Lacking discernment, they often fall victims of charlatans and false gurus, sadly in plentiful supply on the spiritual scene of today…
Yes, the risks are high for the unwary; at stake, years and often a lifetime of unfulfilled potential, resulting in disillusionment and depression. On a positive note, the risks can now be minimized, by employing simple yet reliable Level of Consciousness calibrations techniques. All spiritual teachers, gurus can now be verified, and their messages tested. There’s only one Truth, to which every integrous teacher of spirituality has to adhere. Here’s how the guru is found, according to one of the greatest teachers of modern spirituality, Ramana Maharshi:
”God, who is immanent, in His grace takes pity on the loving devotee and manifests Himself according to the devotee’s development. The devotee thinks that He is a man and expects a relationship as between two physical bodies. But the Guru, who is God or the Self incarnate, works from within, helps the man to see the error of his ways, and guides him in the right path until he realizes the Self within.”

Still, in practice, for a brand new spiritual seeker the options are limited. Which group, guru or a famous teacher should one make one’s own? Best way is to avoid those ostensibly rich and famous, mesmerising wide-eyed attendees at huge conventions, TV shows, and worshipped online, using clever marketing campaigns and publicity stunts. For those having some religious background, so much the better. The foundations of Buddhism, Christianity or Hinduism offer a very reliable starting point for any spiritual endeavor. For those non-aligned with any particular religion or belief system, spending some time researching spiritual scene is essential. It can easily be accomplished using the vast body of information available on the Internet. One of word of warning, though: there are no secrets. Consequently, if you find a guru or a teacher that promises to advance your spiritual progress if you buy his or her secret, a special rank, or position, a degree of initiation, method, etc. you should run away. The Absolute Truth is free to all, and no true guru will ask you for money, favors, etc.

Enlightenment is a prerequisite for the Guru. Nothing less. There are many who can teach, but only a few know what to teach. To know, you have to have realized – attain enlightenment. How do you find a guru whom you can trust? Another great teacher, Nisargadatta Maharaj answers:
“Your own heart will tell you. There’s no difficulty in finding a guru, because the Guru is in search of you. The Guru is always ready; you are not ready. You have to be ready to learn; or you may meet your Guru and waste your chance by sheer inattentiveness and obstinacy.”
Unfortunately, many of the Gurus are no longer with us; although their teachings recorded in numerous books, audio recordings and films still benefit us with their timeless power. When you’re lucky enough to find a guru still alive, consider yourself truly blessed. God’s Grace brought me to my Guru – Dr David R. Hawkins. His books and seminars pulled me forward on my spiritual journey. His teachings opened me to other great teachers of enlightenment, such as Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj.

In the next few days, I’ll be attending Dr Hawkins’ seminar in Cottonwood AZ. It is titled “Handling Spiritual Challenges”. For me, travelling almost 10,000 miles from Australia is not a challenge. What is is to appreciate my Guru’s presence even more, and “repay” God for His Grace. This I can do by unwaveringly following the path to Realization. Said Nisargadatta Maharaj: “God gives you the body and the mind and the Guru shows the way to use them. But returning to the source is your own task.”
And before you begin calculating if it makes sense for you to follow, to travel, to effort, etc. know this: “When you demand nothing of the world, nor of God, when you want nothing, seek nothing, expect nothing then the Supreme State will come to you uninvited and unexpected!” in words of Nisargadatta Maharaj. Think about it when you map the journey of your life. For no reward is greater than finding your Self.